My name is Taidgh
and I build websites

Websites that are mobile friendly, search engine friendly most importantly...
client friendly.

What I do

Mobile friendly web design / WordPress theme design / Logos & branding / Clean, up to date coding

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Simple Website Design

I design simple but intuitive websites that will work for you and help your business grow. I believe your website should look good but first and foremost be user friendly. A website should be clear and easy to navigate to ensure visitors understand your business. A well thought out and clear website design will promote your service in the most effective way.
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Web Design London

Based in London I provide clear and simple websites for mostly small to medium sized businesses. My websites are built to conform with the latest web standards and are therefore very accessible and search engine friendly. I’ve been building websites for over 8 years, working closely with clients to ensure the most appropriate solution.
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Simple Website


Website with Content management where you can login and change things about


Full Ecommerce website with Content Managment so you can sell and manage your products online

£4000 +

Content Managment/Ecommerce, Advertising etc

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Check for a Domain

Check for a domain. Deciding the name of your domain can be really straight forward. Sometimes your domain name you choose can be detrimental. Before you decide to purchase your domain have a read of this... +This